Love Notes

  • “Kinga is a visionary nutritionist. She was always so sweet, approachable, empowering and supportive, conducting our sessions and her analysis of my health information with humility and care. She was determined to get me on the right program and went above and beyond to support her insights with additional research. I mostly asked Kinga to help with a general fatigue that I couldn’t fix with general medicine, I was already taking thyroid replacement and had blood tested for every other potential cause. Doing the lifestyle program Kinga prescribed, my energy level was fundamentally transformed, felt youthful and invigorated, and was surprised to discover other wonderful improvements that I hadn’t even targeted with Kinga — I stopped snoring, my migraines went away, and I lost over 30 lbs. I’m tremendously grateful to Kinga for her passion, guidance, and impact on my life.”

    Jeff Zimbalist – NYC
  • “Since working with Kinga on my diet I have found my digestive and other issues are easier to manage.  Through the years I have known Kinga she has taught me how to live a healthy life and love and respect myself. Her guidance is always appreciated and her continuing help whenever I have any questions or concerns is so awesome.”

    Laura T.- Brampton
  • “For the first time, I am not consumed or plagued by thoughts of food all day. I actually feel satistied and have energy throughout the day.”

    Keri M. Toronto

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